The Objective College Ranking

see ranking factor weights

1University of Central Florida
2Texas A & M University-College Station
3Ohio State University-Main Campus
4Indiana University-Bloomington
5Florida International University
6Michigan State University
7Pennsylvania State University-Main Campus
8University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
9The University of Texas at Austin
10University of Arizona
11University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
12Florida State University
13University of South Florida-Main Campus
14Rutgers University-New Brunswick
15University of Florida
16Texas State University
17The University of Alabama
18University of Wisconsin-Madison
19Purdue University-Main Campus
20Northern Arizona University
21Florida Atlantic University
22University of Washington-Seattle Campus
23Drexel University
24The University of Texas at Arlington
25Ohio University-Main Campus
26Temple University
27University of California-Davis
28University of Utah
29Texas Tech University
30University of Georgia
31Kent State University at Kent
32University of Cincinnati-Main Campus
33University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
34New York University
35Grand Valley State University
36University of Nevada-Las Vegas
37Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis
38Southern New Hampshire University
39Boston University
40University of California-Irvine
41Kennesaw State University
42The University of Texas at San Antonio
43Virginia Commonwealth University
44North Carolina State University at Raleigh
45Washington State University
46University of California-San Diego
47Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
48Auburn University
49Eastern Michigan University
50University of California-Los Angeles
Please note that unlike most other college ranking methods out there, our ranking is based solely on objective, measurable data, such as student test scores and the like. There are no subjective factors considered at all. The main factors used in the ranking, as well as their weights in the ranking formula, are given below

It is also our goal to give you the college ranking that is most appropriate for you. Hence, if you do not like this ranking, just refresh the page until you do. As noted above, every single ranking given by this page is purely objective and therefore can be relied upon to give accurate results.

Key Ranking Factors

RankData FieldWeight
1ACT Composite 75th percentile score (IC2013)959
2Admissions men (IC2013)891
3First-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students (EF2013C Foreign countries)857
4Grand total (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)780
5Total women (EF2013B Undergraduate All age categories total)751
6Part time total (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)685
7Total men (EF2013B Undergraduate All age categories total)666
8ACT Writing 25th percentile score (IC2013)593
9Grand total (GR2013 4-year institutions Completers within 150% of normal time)550
10Total women (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)503
11Published in-district tuition and fees 2013-14 (IC2013_AY)492
12Enrolled men (IC2013)482
13Percent of undergraduates who are formally registered as students with disabilities when percentage is more than 3 percent (IC2013)429
14Enrolled part time women (IC2013)409
15Admissions total (IC2013)331
16Occupational (IC2013)325
17Part time men (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)303
18Number of first-time degree/certificate-seeking students submitting ACT scores (IC2013)176
19Books and supplies 2013-14 (IC2013_AY)168
20Full-time first-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate (current year GRS cohort) (EF2013D)162
21Enrolled full time total (IC2013)141
22Exclusions from part-time fall 2012 cohort (EF2013D)125
23Total men (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)103
24Total entering students at the undergraduate level fall 2013 (EF2013D)92