The Objective College Ranking

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1University of California-Los Angeles
2University of California-Berkeley
3Stanford University
4Yale University
5University of Southern California
6University of Chicago
7Cornell University
8University of California-San Diego
9Northeastern University
10University of California-Santa Barbara
11Princeton University
12University of California-Irvine
13Duke University
14New York University
15Columbia University in the City of New York
16Vanderbilt University
17Washington University in St Louis
18Northwestern University
19Brown University
20Dartmouth College
21Colorado School of Mines
22Massachusetts Institute of Technology
23United States Military Academy
24University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
25University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
26SUNY at Binghamton
27University of Miami
28Johns Hopkins University
29United States Coast Guard Academy
30Tufts University
31Delaware State University
32University of Pennsylvania
33University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
34Edward Waters College
35Emory University
36University of California-Davis
37Judson College
38Spring Hill College
39Paine College
40Pomona College
41University of California-Merced
42University of New Haven
43Trinity Baptist College
44Andrew College
45California Institute of Technology
46Morehouse College
47Life Pacific College
48Central Baptist College
49Wesleyan University
50Flagler College-St Augustine
Please note that unlike most other college ranking methods out there, our ranking is based solely on objective, measurable data, such as student test scores and the like. There are no subjective factors considered at all. The main factors used in the ranking, as well as their weights in the ranking formula, are given below

It is also our goal to give you the college ranking that is most appropriate for you. Hence, if you do not like this ranking, just refresh the page until you do. As noted above, every single ranking given by this page is purely objective and therefore can be relied upon to give accurate results.

Key Ranking Factors

RankData FieldWeight
1ACT Writing 25th percentile score (IC2013)988
2Exclusions from full-time fall 2012 cohort (EF2013D)870
3Admissions men (IC2013)805
4Full time total (EF2013B Undergraduate All age categories total)800
5SAT Math 75th percentile score (IC2013)798
6Enrolled full time women (IC2013)788
7Institution has hospital (HD2013)732
8Enrolled part time total (IC2013)712
9Total women (EF2013B Undergraduate All age categories total)659
10Open admission policy (IC2013)620
11Full-time retention rate 2013 (EF2013D)609
12Percent of undergraduates who are formally registered as students with disabilities when percentage is more than 3 percent (IC2013)576
13Revised bachelor's degree-seeking cohort (cohort year 2005) (GR200_13)501
14First-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students who graduated from high school in the past 12 months (EF2013C US total)499
15ACT English 75th percentile score (IC2013)424
16ACT English 25th percentile score (IC2013)346
17Applicants total (IC2013)294
18First-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students (EF2013C All first-time degree/certificate seeking undergraduates total)260
19Recreational or avocational (IC2013)205
20Grand total (GR2013 4-year institutions Adjusted cohort (revised cohort minus exclusions))180
21Enrolled full time total (IC2013)175
22Number of first-time degree/certificate-seeking students submitting SAT scores (IC2013)168
23Full-time fall 2012 cohort (EF2013D)162
24First-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students (EF2013C US total)144
25First-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students who graduated from high school in the past 12 months (EF2013C Outlying areas total)140
26Institution grants a medical degree (HD2013)104
27Continuing professional (IC2013)96