The Objective College Ranking

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1Southern California Institute of Architecture
2The Christ College of Nursing and Health Sciences
3Cleary University
4Pennsylvania State University-World Campus
5Saint Elizabeth School of Nursing
6Aria Health School of Nursing
7Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Shenango
8University of New Hampshire at Manchester
9Maria College of Albany
10Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Wilkes-Barre
11Pennsylvania State University-Penn State New Kensington
12Visible Music College
13Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Dubois
14Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Fayette- Eberly
15New Saint Andrews College
16Webb Institute
17Calumet College of Saint Joseph
18Charles R Drew University of Medicine and Science
19Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Lehigh Valley
20Minneapolis College of Art and Design
21Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Worthington Scranton
22Wheeling Jesuit University
23Milligan College
24Wayland Baptist University
25Silver Lake College of the Holy Family
26Cox College
27Pennsylvania State University-Penn State York
28Lakeland College
29Prescott College
30Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Brandywine
31University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee
32Multnomah University
33Jefferson College of Health Sciences
34Mount Mary University
35Franklin W Olin College of Engineering
36Southwestern College
37Northwest University
38Kansas City Art Institute
39Baptist Bible College & Seminary of Pennsylvania
40Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital School of Nursing
41Reading Hospital School of Health Sciences
42Earlham College
43DigiPen Institute of Technology
44Ursuline College
45Wilson College
46Art Academy of Cincinnati
47Columbus College of Art and Design
48Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
49Cedar Crest College
50Northwest Christian University
Please note that unlike most other college ranking methods out there, our ranking is based solely on objective, measurable data, such as student test scores and the like. There are no subjective factors considered at all. The main factors used in the ranking, as well as their weights in the ranking formula, are given below

It is also our goal to give you the college ranking that is most appropriate for you. Hence, if you do not like this ranking, just refresh the page until you do. As noted above, every single ranking given by this page is purely objective and therefore can be relied upon to give accurate results.

Key Ranking Factors

RankData FieldWeight
1SAT Math 25th percentile score (IC2013)894
2Part time women (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)858
3Part time total (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)745
4Current year GRS cohort as a percent of entering class (EF2013D)605
5Published in-district tuition and fees 2013-14 (IC2013_AY)579
6ACT Math 25th percentile score (IC2013)506
7SAT Writing 25th percentile score (IC2013)477
8First-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate students (EF2013C Outlying areas total)474
9Part time men (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)445
10Grand total (GR2013 4-year institutions Transfer-out students)423
11Open admission policy (IC2013)398
12Full time men (EF2013 All students Undergraduate total)368
13Full-time first-time degree/certificate-seeking undergraduate (current year GRS cohort) (EF2013D)361
14ACT Math 75th percentile score (IC2013)342
15Full time men (EF2013B Undergraduate All age categories total)300
16Full time women (EF2013B Undergraduate All age categories total)293
17Enrolled men (IC2013)262
18ACT Composite 75th percentile score (IC2013)260
19Part time men (EF2013B Undergraduate All age categories total)245
20Grand total (GR2013 4-year institutions Completers within 150% of normal time)230
21Full-time fall 2012 cohort (EF2013D)211
22Percent of undergraduates who are formally registered as students with disabilities when percentage is more than 3 percent (IC2013)207
23Student-to-faculty ratio (EF2013D)143
24Students from the part-time adjusted fall 2012 cohort enrolled in fall 2013 (EF2013D)130
25Part-time fall 2012 cohort (EF2013D)126
26Adult basic remedial or high school equivalent (IC2013)123
27Students from the full-time adjusted fall 2012 cohort enrolled in fall 2013 (EF2013D)96